Why Do I Need to Hire a Leaf Removal Service to Rake My Leaves?

Is Your Yard a Blanket of Leaves?

Most people think that leaf removal is a joke, however, when you have trees surrounding your property, and in your yard, you may think twice as you see the mess that you are left with once autumn has finished!

The Difficulties of Raking Leaves

Raking leaves can often take several days of hard labor to do. Because the leaves of a tree are the only source of nutrients and energy it has, most trees can produce hundreds, even thousands of them. And when they begin to fall, you would be surprised at how fast your lawn and yard will be covered.

Older homes that have several large trees can be covered in a blanket of tens of thousands of dead leaves in days. These leaves have to be removed before the winter sets in. If you are using a traditional rake, then you will be up to your elbows in dead leaves for weeks. Raking leaves into piles is useless when dealing with gusts of wind that are associated with the autumn season. As sooner as you pile up your leaves, the wind will come and blow it apart.

Flower Beds and Gardens

Some homeowners invest in expensive leaf blowing or leaf vacuuming equipment. These are machines that emit a fast stream of air, which is used to push leaves into piles for easier disposal. Leaf vacuums are the total opposite. Similar to a vacuum cleaner, leaf vacuums use suction to pull in leaves through a large tube. Most come with shredders inside them that will reduce the volume of vacuumed leaves.

However, the biggest problem with these machines is they can completely destroy all of your flower beds and gardens. And homeowners that are not careful can blow a plant right out of the soil: roots and all. Vacuums will even suck up mulch or entire plants, in addition to the fallen leaves.

So now that you know what the benefits are to hiring a professional leaf removal service, why not call RA Landscaping Maintenance Service at (910) 218-2883 today to find out how we can be of service to you if you live in or around the Leland, NC area.