What You and a Landscaping Contractor Can Do in Each Season of the Year

Landscaping Ideas for Each Season

Ready to do some gardening? Let’s talk about what you can do with your landscape during each of the four seasons of the year before you call on a landscaping contractor to do anything to your lawn.

Spring: After a long, cold winter, the best time to clean up your garden is in the spring. During this time, you can replant, fertilize, and scatter seeds, and mulch flowerbeds. However, to do each of these activities, you will need existing plants. But this time of year is not a good time to redesign your whole landscape because new plants could overtake the ones you already have. Flowerbeds are in jeopardy as existing bulbs could be uprooted.

Summer: Because the lovely daylight lasts longer, you are encouraged and inspired to work on landscaping improvements like a garden path or patio. However, because the temperature may soar during the summer and cause the plants to wilt, it is not recommended to redesign the entire landscape at this time either. Also, this is the best time to go on vacation, so fresh plants won’t be taken care of when you leave. Don’t miss out on taking your vacation. Leave the landscape overhaul for the next season.

Fall: It is in the fall that you would want to redesign and overhaul your landscaping. During this season, temperatures start to drop without overnight frosts, making it easy to water new plants. Planting perennials, shrubs, and trees now will give them time to develop a root system, preparing them for spring.

Winter: Most likely, you don’t intend to redesign your garden during the winter. You can concentrate on removing snow from your lawn during this time of year, though. Also, now is the ideal time to make plans for the upcoming spring and the things you want to accomplish in your garden by then.

The ideal time to redesign a landscape is in the fall. However, contact RA Landscaping Maintenance Service in the Leland, NC region for year-round expert landscaping contractor services. Contact us at (910) 218-2883.

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