Tips on How to Choose the Best Landscape Fabric from a Landscaping Contractor

How to Slow Down the Growth of Weeds?

If you find that half of your time is spent weeding your garden instead of enjoying it, try reading our landscaping contractor tips on what is the best landscape fabric to use to prevent the growth of weeds.

The best landscaping fabric will not only prevent weed growth, but it will also allow water, nutrients, and air to pass through it. This kind of material is often biodegradable or designed to withstand years of weathering. Consumers should try not to use plastic fabrics as they will suffocate plants and promote the growth of harmful bacteria within the soil.

Landscaping fabric must be a breathable material to prevent the growth of weeds and unwanted grass. The material that you choose should allow water and air to pass through it so it can soak into the soil beneath, and prevent sunlight from reaching errant weed seeds. Gardeners will often prefer to use biodegradable products that will decay into the soil over time. Others prefer the fabric to maintain its integrity for years before requiring replacing.

Common household newspaper is a good source for a cheap, and biodegradable landscaping fabric. This retains moisture and warmth in the soil and allows water, nutrients, and air to circulate around plants. Sheets can be laid down between four and six layers thick to stop the germination of weeds and smother pre-existing plants. This material will decay over a relatively short time, and gardeners should only use it in projects where it can be replaced annually.

Gardeners and landscapers that are looking for a fabric that does not require regular maintenance should buy a product that is both durable and stiff. These fabrics are commonly used under rock and gravel mulching, and do not have to be replaced over time; however, they can be somewhat burdensome to move should the fabric fail. Buyers can test the product in the store by trying to tear a small corner with their hands. If the fabric can be pulled apart easily, then it will not create a lasting barrier against weeds.

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